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 enjoy royal quality in your life Video: Anandamayi Parfum — 8 & 50 ml sprays From Vedic Aroma’s Royal Collection Perfumery Based on Aromatherapy—Fragrances that Heal

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8ml satya, lalita, parvati, anandamayi Comes with a card in English, German, French, Spanish (not shown) SATYA The freshness of Melissa and Bergamot, the warmth of Frankincense, and heavenly, full, oral notes of white Champaka and Indian Jasmine Sambac with a soothing touch of Clary Sage, fill the senses with serenity.

Video: Rose Geranium Gilt Veena Card

rose geranium-3ml roll-on From the Pure Notes Collection: Rose Geranium The melodious fragrance, harmonising all notes—Rose Geranium: Nature’s balancing power pervades these Pure Notes

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2 free catalogs & royal collection Royal Collection & Royal Collection for Men Rare and Exquisite 100% Natural Fragrances made from pure, highest quality Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Hydrolates, using only certified organic or wild harvested plants and flowers.