Video: Happy Buddha’s Birthday

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100% organic perfume

“sandalwood powder fell from the heavens”

The Buddha considered the spicy, woody scent of the spikenard root to be the most pleasant of all root fragrances (A.V,22; Ja.VI,537).


The two most expensive perfumes were made from spikenard (narada) and sandalwood (candana).


Ancient Art of Perfumery

perfumery based on aromatherapy

Fragrances that heal. Aromatherapy with pure essential oils of plants, flowers, resins, etc., is becoming increasingly popular today, not only in the realm of personal well-being, but also in scientific communities worldwide. (more…)

Valentine’s Day is Coming

you can be your own valentine

…with a bouquet of red roses!

Dilute a few drops of VedAroma Rose Absolute with a little jojoba oil and dab on the wrists and behind the ears.

Your whole day you will feel loved and nourished by the soft, rich, sweet  fragrance of Rosa Damascena.


New Year’s Heavenly Perfume Collection

a cupboard full of heavenly fragrance

100% Natural Perfumes

Only pure natural fragrances are positively life-transforming and life enhancing; they can actually change life for the better. This is what VEDIC AROMA does for yourself and everyone around you. Visit the perfume section. Precious Garland & Royal Collections, also Pure Notes shown above.

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