Maharishi Aroma Therapy Courses

3 international courses Read description: May 7 – May 14  May 14 – 25  September 21 – October 5 2018 MERU Campus, Vlodrop, Limburg, Holland

Maharishi Aroma Therapy Course

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Video: Happy Buddha’s Birthday

watch video: sandalwood 100% organic perfume “sandalwood powder fell from the heavens” The Buddha considered the spicy, woody scent of the spikenard root to be the most pleasant of all root fragrances (A.V,22; Ja.VI,537). Rare The two most expensive perfumes were.. Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

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Video: Happy Valentines Day

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Just For You

just for you Delightful blends — Ananda Bliss, Citrus Garden, Energy Renewed, Fragrant Delight, and more..