Testimonial: VedAroma Oils Better


From C, Germany

‘So, this is really amazing! Just now I went around the corner in the Reform house to buy some food and sniffed the oils of another well-known Aroma company and what a difference! The orange oil that I took from you was really “addictive”, and then I gave it to a friend who was in a crisis and immediately loved the oil.


Blissful Sleep Luxury Boxed Sets

improved sleep

The Blissful Sleep Boxed Set includes the oils of Lavender, Bergamot, and Myrtle for a pleasant, regenerating, peaceful sleep. See vedaroma.com

Rosie’s Roses


4,000 kilograms of fresh rose petals

Did you know that to produce 1 kilogram of essential oil of roses, as much as 4,000 kilograms of fresh rose petals are needed?

Normally about 70 kilograms of plant material go to make up 1 kilo of essential oils). So this explains why Rose Oil may seem a little expensive!

Rose Options: vedaroma.eu/catalogsearch/result/?q=rose


The Virtues of Myrtle

myrtle, with its fragrant pink or white flowers

Myrtle, that charming garden shrub with its fragrant pink or white flowers, growing in the warm Mediterranean sunshine, appears in a lot of ancient literature.