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Supporting the Immune System

The following essential oils: Thyme (thymol, borneol), Frankincense, Spruce (black), Cinnamon (leaf), Vetiver, Ajowan, Cajeput, Cistus, Elemi, Nigella, Palo Santo, Tulsi, Tea Tree, Niaouli, Bay Laurel, Savory (mountain), Fir (Hemlock and Siberian), Myrtle (green), Rosewood, Clove bud, Ravintsara


Testimonial: Hydrolates, Face Creams & Oils

face muscles firmed up

On Hydrolates, Face Creams & Face Oils

Trying out various Vedic Aroma hydrolates, face creams & face oils for the last 2 weeks, I’m delighted to see the loose muscles of my face & my cheeks firmed up, my face getting back to shape. And along with it, greater ease in body & mind & a cheerful heart, being nourished by the rejuvenating, repairing effects & fragrances of these pure & fine products. — L. C.

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Video: Series 2 – 8 All Time Favourite Essential Oils

8 all-time favourites – uplifting – series 2

Jasmine sambac, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Champaka red, Tuberose, Verbena lemon, Clove bud, Peppermint:

W A T C H    V I D E O

VedAroma – Pure Highest Quality Certified Organic Or Wild Harvest Essential Oils
The Power of Essential Oils

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