Fun VedAroma Tea Party in Japan

Report from Japan

In Japan: Sachiyo Oshima, Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant’s report
[Reprint of event held in 2015]

We invite you to have such a fun party to let all your friends know about Vedaroma’s amazing qualities such as: organic, wild harvest, pure, plus the benefits and uses of such therapies. (more…)

Vanilla Extract—Discover the Healing Properties and Application in 5 min

Video series – Vanilla – happiness, warmth & contentment

MAHARISHI AROMA THERAPY SERIES #51: Learn in this video about the special healing properties and application of Vanilla Extract Essential Oil.
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Vanilla is an Orchid plant which grows climbing up an existing tree like a vine. Its name in Spanish means ‘little pod’—the orchid flower turns into seeds pods where the aroma compounds are found. (more…)

Far Superior!

   VB Reviewed VedAroma Essential Oils — and gave it 5 stars

‘I bought the VedAroma Frankincense essential oil and [another brand’s] Frankincense essential oil. The VedAroma is a far superior oil! The other oil has a strange, unpleasant after-smell.

However, the VedAroma Frankincense oil is so pleasant with a consistent smell. I trust the VedAroma oils 100% and will purchase more in the future. Thank you for a quality, trustworthy product!’   September 5 at 9:05pm

Thank you dear VB, it’s so heartening and inspiring to hear!

Pine Stone Essential Oil—Discover the Healing Properties and Application in 5 min

Video series – Pine Stone – clearing, strengthening and uplifting

‘The waving of a pine tree on the top of a mountain—a magic wand in Nature’s hand—every devout mountaineer knows its power.’—John Muir

Pine StonePinus cembra, also known as Swiss pine, belongs to the preshistoric pine familyit is a slow growing tree with rot-resistant wood that can live to a great age of 500-1000 years (and even more than 1000 years in the Swiss Aletschwald). Its nuts are edible, and its aromatic wood is utilized for furniture.

Pine is traditionally used in saunas or other natural therapies for its rejuvenating effect on the respiratory and muscular systems, and on the joints.