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pure bliss — eau de aroma

Vedic Aroma Cosmetics
PURE BLISS Eau de Aroma — 100 and 30 ml sprays
This Pure Bliss product contains no alcohol.

Celebrating Spreading and Sharing Pure Bliss
Mother Nature’s rare, healing, heavenly fragrances for everyone to enjoy!

Choose from eleven precious fragrances:


A Retrospective: 22 Pics ‘Open Day’ July 15, 2018

Vedaroma booth

A Retrospective: From Sunday July 15th, 2018

Last Year—3rd Open Day, MERU, Vlodrop

Enjoy a retrospective of last year’s Open Day, July 15th, 2018.

MERU has, often, an open house they call ‘Open Day’. It is held on a Sunday for the Dutch public. 

Last year, July is the month they chose for this great event. 20 pictures below

Video: Sharada Eau de Parfum

sharada in embossed kalash


8 ml spray bottle boxed with Kalash card in four languages
Also available in 50 ml boxed spray
From our “Royal Collection” / Women / Eau de Parfum