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rose geranium, anti-inflammatory Since the available anti-inflammatory drugs exert an extensive variety of side effects, the search for new anti-inflammatory agents has been a priority of pharmaceutical industries. Reduce swelling RGEO (rose geranium essential oil -100 mg/kg) was able to.. Read More

Video: Fresh and Floral

enjoy a royal delight Video: Leela Eau de Parfum (from our Royal Collection) Fresh Floral The fresh, floral notes of Italian Bergamot luxuriously blended with the richness of Indian Jasmine Sambac flowers and the warming resin of Benzoin with a.. Read More

Video & Let’s Celebrate

 enjoy royal quality in your life Video: Anandamayi Parfum — 8 & 50 ml sprays From Vedic Aroma’s Royal Collection Perfumery Based on Aromatherapy—Fragrances that Heal