super special flower water synergies

Vedic Aroma Perfumes
Super Special Flower Water Synergies — 100 and 30 ml sprays

Skin Beauty – Geranium Rose, Sage clary, Peppermint
Skin Glow –  Sage clary, Rose, Peppermint
Skin Radiance – Sage clary and Rose
Skin Repair – Lavender and Wild Carrot seed
Inner Peace, Outer Care – Yarrow and Lavender
Highly Energetic, Peacefully Protective – Juniper Berry and Yarrow
Bliss and Beauty – Rose and Cistus
Cooling Calming – Chamomile German, Geranium Rose, Cistus
The Traveler – Chamomile Roman, Lavender, Rose

Plus Newly added and not shown:
Moksha – Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh (not shown)
Panch Pandava – Clove bud, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus globulus, Rosemary verbenone

100% Pure and Natural
Certified Organic ingredients
Contains no alcohol 

Energised for vitality and long life through a natural whirlpool system. Contains no preservatives or alcohol.

How to use: Mist throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate the skin and to uplift and soothe heart and mind. Multiple applications and indications from calming and cooling sunburn and insect bites to creating a relaxing mood before sleep, to revitalising and energising on busy days, etc.

Can be added to bath water, applied on a compress, misting. Suitable for all skin types.

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