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Important note

Last updated: 01/12/19.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated extracts of medicinal plants, very powerful in their effect and should be used with moderation and great care.

Essential oils used for massage—general instructions for dilution:

If used other than for ambient diffusion, i.e. for massages, essential oils should always be diluted in good quality vegetable carrier oil before applying to the skin (i.e. sweet almond, sesame, jojoba, olive oil, etc.).

The standard dilution for adults is 1-3% essential oil, or about 3-10 drops of essential oil in 15ml (= 1 tablespoon) of vegetable oil (20 drops = 1ml).

For children, sensitive skin and during pregnancy the dilution should be 0,5%-1% (1-2 drops in 10ml).

For a full bath use for adults 5-15 drops and 3-5 drops for a foot-bath.

The essential oils should be diluted with some carrier oil, a little cream or honey to help them disperse in the water.

Important precautions:

Please take care that no essential oil gets into your eyes. In case it happens, never try to wash it out with water, but rinse it with a fat oil (i.e. Almond, Jojoba, etc.) or ghee (clarified butter made from the milk of a cow).

Always keep essential oils out of the reach of young children.

Take especial care with use on sensitive skin.

Essential oils of Clove bud, Cinnamon (leaf or bark), Oregano, Savory, Thyme (thymol and borneol) can irritate the skin, use only highly diluted (0.5%-1% dilution).

Also Anise, Fennel, Lemongrass, Melissa (Balm), Peppermint, Spearmint, Pine, Sage, Wintergreen, and sometimes also Basil, Ginger, Lemon and Bitter Orange may irritate the skin. Always use them well diluted on sensitive skin.

These oils (except the citrus oils) should also not be used for children under 2 years and during pregnancy. If pregnant avoid in addition: Cedar Atlas, Clary Sage, Juniper, sweet Marjoram, and Myrrh.

If applying photo-sensitizing essentials oils like Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin or Lemon to your skin (even in dilution) do not expose your skin to direct sun for several hours afterwards (to avoid pigment spots). The furocoumarin free Bergamot (FCF) is save to use.

For people with high blood pressure Hyssop, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme (thymol) are contra-indicated; a gentle massage with relaxing essential oils however is very beneficial.

In case of Epilepsy do not use the essential oils of sweet Fennel, Hyssop, Rosemary and Sage.

If you have a medical condition we recommend that you seek the advice of a Maharishi Ayurveda practitioner or aromatherapist.

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