*Video: Vaidya Vyas on various Peppermints

love fragrance, sleep better

Peppermint & Spikenard*


I have a very profound experience with VedAroma’s peppermint. I have once compared peppermint essential oil from another brand with VedAroma’s.

With VedAroma’s peppermint I can feel the fragrance travel to my brain and down to my throat and retain on my throat with very soothing effect which the other brand does not bring me the same effect.

I thought it was just me but my friend who sat beside me felt the same too! I will surely stick to VedAroma’s essential oils as they have the best quality essential oils! 

*Video: Vaidya Vyas on Spikenard


I applied Spikenard on my heart before sleep. I remember very clearly that my sub-conscious mind was in love with the fragrance and take a deep breath and sleep back again during the midnight.

This happened for two consecutive days.

Thank you.


Nan Zi

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