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The Course Participants receive Consultant Certificate at the end of a course

‘maharishi aroma therapy consultant training’ courses

Maharishi College of Perfect Health, Department of Maharishi Aroma Therapy is very happy to offer a Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant Training Courses on the following dates and beautiful locations:

10-24 September 2016 – Croatia
5-19 November 2016 – Serbia
25 January – 8 February 2017 – The Brahmastan of India

Aroma Therapy is the Science and Art of Promoting Holistic Health and Well-being, both Physical and Psychological.

Maharishi Aroma Therapy introduces the element of consciousness and gives the understanding that the ideal of perfect health and enlightenment is attained by handling health from the level from which it emerges-the field of immortality, pure consciousness.

The Consultant of Maharishi Aroma Therapy Course is a great opportunity both for those new to aroma oils to learn from great experts in this field, and for experienced consultants to gain deeper knowledge.

The course will cover the whole range of Maharishi Aroma Therapy from the physical to the most subtle and spiritual levels. Being familiar with the finer values and mechanics of action of the essential oils will be more fulfilling for one’s own understanding and will help everyone to apply them in an easier way.

The first five days of the course give an introduction to Maharishi Aroma Therapy; you will learn how to improve your own well-being and health as well as to help your family and friends with the proper use of the pure VedAroma Essential Oils.

1. Introduction to Aromatherapy, History and Scientific Research
2. Maharishi AyurVeda and Maharishi Aroma Therapy
3. Chemical Properties, Indications and Experience of Essential Oils
4. Psycho-emotional and Energetic Aromatherapy
5. How to select the correct essential oils and how to use them

In the following 7 days you will learn which Essential Oils to use for balancing the Doshas and how to address common health concerns, and also how to conduct a Maharishi Aroma Therapy consultation; you will receive a certificate, enabling you to give official MAT consultations and to charge a fee for your services and newly acquired expertise.

1. How to give Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultations: learning the steps and practising
2. Physiological systems and therapeutic use of Essential Oils for different imbalances
3. Introducing Hydrolats and their applications
4. Use of Aromatherapy for specific health topics
5. Essential Oils and their effects on Prana, Tejas and Ojas
And more….

The courses will be conducted by our experts of the Department of Maharishi Aroma Therapy, and enriched by video lectures from Dr. Rosie Geelvink, Vaidyas and medical Doctors.

The courses will bring a wealth of knowledge along with practical applications, and through the rich experience with the VedAroma essential oils the course is a therapy for the participants at the same time.

More than 230 MAT Consultants from around the world report how blissful, inspirational yet practical these course have been, and look forward to participate in these and other advanced courses time and again.

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