8 all-time favourites

Rose, Lavender, Bergamot, Wintergreen, Niaouli, Spikenard, Myrrh & Oregano – more info below

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All-Time Favourites

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Rose Absolute Essential Oil (1 ml)
Organic Crop
Rich, deep, sweet-floral scent. Harmonizing, soothing, enchanting.


*Lavender Highland Essential Oil (10 ml)
Certified Organic
Sweet, floral, herbaceous. Calming, relaxing, soothing, balancing, uplifting, restorative; innumerable benefits for body, mind, and emotions, a ‘must have’ oil for everyone.

Bergamot Essential Oil (10 ml)
Organic Crop
Fresh, sweet, fruity, citrus scent. Refreshing, reviving, very uplifting, balancing, supports a happy mood.

Wintergreen Essential Oil (10 ml)
Certified Organic
Intense, sweet-woody, almost fruity scent. Calming, relaxing; soothing for muscles and joint pain. 

*Niaouli Essential Oil (10 ml)
Certified Organic
Sweet, fresh, camphoraceous scent. Enlivening, clarifying; supports immunity; helps many respiratory, urinary, circulatory, muscular, and skin conditions, protection against effects of radiation.

Spikenard Jatamansi Essential Oil (5 ml)
Certified Organic
Heavy, sweet-woody, slightly musty scent. Grounding, warming, stabilizing, balancing. settling and soothing for sweet sleep.

*Oregano Essential Oil (10 ml)
Certified Organic
Warm, spicy, herbaceous scent. Stimulating, energizing, clarifying; aids healthy digestive and respiratory function.

Myrrh Essential Oil (10 ml)
Wild Harvested
Warm, rich, spicy-balsamic. Deep, calming, rejuvenating, purifying, for meditation. Soothing for respiratory, muscular, and skin conditions.

*These oils are good for also supporting the immune system

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