6 New Dr. Vyas Videos

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Maharishi Aroma Therapy Courses

3 international courses Read description: https://www.mgcwp.org/ico/emailing/2018/MAT_COURSES_2018/MAT-MERU_courses-2018.html May 7 – May 14  May 14 – 25  September 21 – October 5 2018 MERU Campus, Vlodrop, Limburg, Holland

Video: Happy Buddha’s Birthday

watch video: sandalwood 100% organic perfume “sandalwood powder fell from the heavens” The Buddha considered the spicy, woody scent of the spikenard root to be the most pleasant of all root fragrances (A.V,22; Ja.VI,537). Rare The two most expensive perfumes were.. Read More

Video: Happy Valentines Day

watch video & have a fun day Rare and Exquisite 100% Natural Fragrances made from pure, highest quality Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Hydrolates, using only certified organic or wild harvested plants and flowers.  Buy Europe Essential Oils: www.vedaroma.eu   Europe Perfume: www.vedicaroma.net  Free Shipping.. Read More

Ancient Art of Perfumery

 perfumery based on aromatherapy Fragrances that heal. Aromatherapy with pure essential oils of plants, flowers, resins, etc., is becoming increasingly popular today, not only in the realm of personal well-being, but also in scientific communities worldwide.

2018 Happy New Year!

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Gifts for the Holiday

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