Courses: New Zealand: Maharishi Aroma Therapy

join us in new zealand! Video: 2 Min. –     5.30 Min. – Maharishi College of Perfect Health is bringing their 2 courses to Auckland, New Zealand: • 6-day Maharishi Aroma Therapy Foundation Course • 10-dayMaharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant Training.. Read More

Purity, Processing, Terminology

info: booklets, website, industry • From Vedaroma Essential Oil booklet: Highest Quality It is very important to use only the highest quality, 100% natural, and completely pure essential oils from wild or organically grown plants. 

Reader’s Digest: 7 to Calm Anxiety

essential oils-around for thousands of years, but the Western world seems to have caught on only recently to their countless benefits, from religious and spiritual to cosmetic, dietary, and even emotional.

Reader’s Digest: 10 Mood-Lifting Oils

If you’re in need of a refreshing mist… …or sniff that’s enough to boost your mood, focus, and energy levels—and you don’t have the time to try this simple energy-lifting routine—pick up some peppermint. Studies have linked peppermint essential oils to a reduction.. Read More

4 VedAroma Shops Open

Enjoy Vedaroma’s 4 Online shops now. Visit Now: To enliven the body’s inner intelligence and restore wholeness and balance in body and mind

Vaidya Vyas Explains Essential Oils

Enjoy the special video series This series is created by VedAroma to allow our viewers to learn all about the various oils. Visit the VedAroma blog, and sign up for the video series by subscribing to the Newsletter.