Grapefruit Essential Oil (10 ml)

Citrus paradisi

Pleasant, fresh, sweet, zesty, citrus scent. Enlivening, uplifting, clearing, relaxing and comforting.

Certified by NCS EcoControl


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A cooling, cleansing and refreshing oil that is renowned for its ability to relieve fatigue in body and mind. Useful while travelling, its detoxifying effect makes it useful in some massage blends and skin care preparations.

Additional information

Botanical name Citrus paradisi
Biochemical compound Limonene, Myrcene, alpha-Pinene, Octanal, Decanal
Origin Israel
Parts used Rind
Extraction method Cold expression
Volume 10 ml
Aroma Pleasant, fresh, sweet, zesty citrus scent
Benefits Enlivening, uplifting, clearing, relaxing, comforting
Indications mental

Highly uplifting and refreshing, promotes psychological well-being, happiness, serenity, ease, self-confidence, aids concentration; relieves daily stress and tension, fatigue, anxiety, depression, addictions, helps overcome ‘comfort eating’.

Skin care

Stimulates skin metabolism, cleansing for oily skin and good for acne and cellulite; an excellent, uplifting air-disinfectant.

How to use

Use in the VedAroma micro-diffuser or diluted (3%) in massage oil.


Mildly photo-sensitizing. Do not use on skin for several hours before exposure to direct sunlight

Additional note

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight; Always close the cap, when not in use, to avoid evaporation. Keep out of the reach of children; All caps are child-proof.


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