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Our Privacy Policy

Version: 1.1. Issue date: 01/01/18.

We — Maharishi Vedic Organics Europe Sagl — are happy that you have shown an interest in our website www.vedaroma.eu and our company. We diligently monitor the content of our website in order to ensure that all information is correct. However, we can not accept responsibility for external links and the content their content. The protection of your personal information, which is received and processed during your visit to our website, is of upmost importance to us. The protection of your personal information complies with the applicable law. Hereafter you will find information on how personal information is received during your visit to our websites and how it is processed.

§ 1  Receipt and processing of personal information

Each visit to our website and each download of information on our website is logged. The events are logged in order to maintain our system and for statistical purposes. The following data is logged: the name of the file downloaded, the date and time of contact, the transmitted data, the notice of successful completion of transfer, the web browser used and the domain name of the applicant. The IP-address of the device which applies for connection is also registered.
Other privacy details are only logged if these are expressly provided by you, for instance when placing an order or registering an account.

§ 2  Use and transfer of personal information

Personal information is used for customer service purposes, handling of orders placed and technical purposes.
Your personal information is only provided to third parties if this is necessary for the handling of the order (for instance the delivery address to the shipping agent), if this is necessary for the settlement of accounts as well as if you gave permission beforehand.

§ 3  Withdraw permission

You have the right to withdraw permission for the use and processing of personal information at all times, now or in the future. The personal information which is logged will be deleted once you withdraw your permission, once storage of the personal information is no longer necessary for the relevant use, as well as once storage is no longer allowed by law.

§ 4  Right to information

Upon written request we will inform you which personal information has been logged by our system.

§ 5  Security clause

We use our best endeavours and all technical and organisational measures to ensure that we store your personal information safe from unauthorised access by third parties. However, we can not warrant that communication by email is at all times safe. Vedaroma and VedicAroma shall comply with all laws and regulations in relation to the storage of data and specifically in relation to privacy.

§ 6  Newsletter

Users can be entered in our newsletter mailing list. Users are entitled to be removed from the newsletter mailing list and can exercise this option at any time. This can be done here or by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.
Newsletter tracking: By subscribing to the newsletter, the user consents to tracking for statistical purposes. This is called a web beacon (or tracking pixel). When delivering the newsletter, the external server can then capture certain data of the receiver, for example at what time it is viewed, the IP address or information about the email program (client) used. The name of the image file is individualised for each email receiver by attaching a distinct ID. In so doing, the email sender remembers which ID belongs to which email address and, when the image is opened, can then see which newsletter recipient has just opened the email.

If you have any questions please contact with our customer service by email info@vedaroma.com.