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Watch Video Series: Power of Essential Oil

special video series on the ‘power of essential oils’ Read Ad: Subscribe to our Newsletters to watch this video series, and indicate in the comments field if you would like to watch a video on Petitgrain Bigarade or any other Essential Oil. 

7 Ways Essential Oils Can Help Pregnancy Woes

essential oils have been used for…  …thousands of years. They are still being used as women continue to make informed choices during pregnancy and childbirth. Read Full Article: Article by Julie Revelant at Fox News:

Rosie’s Roses

4,000 kilograms of fresh rose petals Did you know that to produce 1 kilogram of essential oil of roses, as much as 4,000 kilograms of fresh rose petals are needed? Normally about 70 kilograms of plant material go to make up 1 kilo of essential oils). So this explains why Rose Oil may seem a little expensive! Rose Options:

So Pure, Its For Boys of All Ages

rare and exquisite 100% natural fragrances Made from pure, highest quality Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Hydrolates, using only certified organic or wild harvested plants and flowers.e joy and bliss in life with this cheerful, refreshing blend of essential oils… Europe: Pushkar Eau de Cologne USA: Pushkar Eau de Cologne Continue Reading So Pure, Its For Boys of All Ages…