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So Pure, Its For Boys of All Ages

rare and exquisite 100% natural fragrances Made from pure, highest quality Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Hydrolates, using only certified organic or wild harvested plants and flowers.e joy and bliss in life with this cheerful, refreshing blend of essential oils… Europe: Pushkar Eau de Cologne USA: Pushkar Eau de Cologne Continue Reading So Pure, Its For Boys of All Ages…

Headache Relief

vedaroma has helped me so much— “I discovered this some years ago, and since then I have been able to relieve headaches…

The Virtues of Myrtle

myrtle, with its fragrant pink or white flowers Myrtle, that charming garden shrub with its fragrant pink or white flowers, growing in the warm Mediterranean sunshine, appears in a lot of ancient literature.

Orange and Grapefruit for Digestion

orange, Bitter – essential oil Orange bitter (extracted from the rind of the fruit by steam distillation) has a fresh dry almost floral fragrance—the sweetness of a sweet orange with a hint of the astringency of grapefruit. As well as being refreshing and calming, it also improves digestion. Buy Here: