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Vaidya Vyas Explains Essential Oils

Enjoy the special video series This series is created by VedAroma to allow our viewers to learn all about the various oils. Visit the VedAroma blog, and sign up for the video series by subscribing to the Newsletter.

The New Yorker: Cure for Anxiety

Twenty years ago, Carla Cohen fell mysteriously ill. She couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong; it felt as though some conspiracy between her mind and her body were eroding her capacity to work.

Help Your Friends—Sleep

Are you that person? Do you have a group of essential oils that whenever anything is troubling anyone, you say “If you try (put some essential oil name here), it will really help”?

Fairfield, Iowa: Enjoyed a Perfume Sample

October 19, 2017, at the University This lovely card and a free sample of Vedic Aroma’s Royal Collection were given out to Maharishi University of Management Staff and Students during the Dipavali celebrations.  Cathy Gorini sent a lovely reply Thank you!! The displays are beautiful and those picking up their gifts today were delighted.

Fun VedAroma Tea Party in Japan

Report from Japan In Japan: Sachiyo Oshima, Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant’s report [Reprint of event held in 2015] We invite you to have such a fun party to let all your friends know about Vedaroma’s amazing qualities such as: organic, wild harvest, pure, plus the benefits and uses of such therapies.

VedAroma Oils Better

Testimonial From C, Germany ‘So, this is really amazing! Just now I went around the corner in the Reform house to buy some food and sniffed the oils of another well-known Aroma company and what a difference! The orange oil that I took from you was really “addictive”, and then I gave it to a friend who was in a crisis and immediately loved the oil.