for perfect health and world peace!

Over 100 ladies gathered recently in Florida for a Global Conference, at which time a 4 minute video / animation presentation was given for VedAroma and Vedic Aroma.

Large gathering

During the beautiful 1st week of September almost 600 Peace Creators gathered at the majestic JW Marriott-Grand Lakes, in sunny, warm Orlando, Florida, to enjoy knowledge for enlightenment.

VedAroma made a beautiful presentation of all their product lines to a select group of over 100 ladies after a gorgeously presented sumptuous banquet at the connected sister hotel, Ritz-Carlton.

The presentation

The presentation, “Celebrating the Healing Fragrances of Nature’s Pharmacy from Around the World – Complete Product Line ” was met with “oohs and aahs”, delighting everyone with the wonderful variety of

  • Essential oils
  • Essential oil blends
  • Boxed sets
  • Perfumes and heavenly fragrance sprays –‘a feeling of living in heaven”
  • Somaroma
  • Pure Notes
  • Cosmetics: Face Creams, Face, Body, and Hair Oils
  • Accessories
  • News of 2 recent fairs
  • Recommended by various experts / vaidyas
  • Website news
  • Certifications 
Perfect health

VedAroma and Vedic Aroma are Maharishi’s programmes for perfect health and world peace. They are blissfully administered and joyfully promoted by the Mother Divine Program around the word.

World peace 

All profits go to support programmes for World Peace

Animated slides

A few slides from the presentation:

Conference held in Orlando, Florida

JW Marriott Hotel hosted the event