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Maharishi College of Perfect Health International
Department of Maharishi Aroma Therapy
is very happy to offer two international courses:
Advanced Course in Maharishi Aroma Therapy
25 August – 8 September 2017 at MERU, Holland
Maharishi House
Maharishi Peace Palace at MERU
The Aroma Therapy Department is very happy to announce the upcoming Advanced Course. The main emphasis in this course will be on the actual therapy with essential oils and its connection to Maharishi AyurVeda.
What you will gain from this course:
  • You will expand your knowledge on how to prescribe the appropriate essential oils and methods of application according to the principles of Maharishi AyurVeda to improve different health conditions.

  • Go deeply into the ayurvedic explanations of the doshas, subdoshas, dhatus, and gunas with regard to the actions and applications of the essential oils.
  • Learn the dosha effects of the extraordinary new line of 82 VedAroma essential oils and learn about the scientific documentation, and how the essential oils work with regard to their chemical components and their ayurvedic qualities.
  • You will also learn about the hydrolates, their benefits, effects and how to use them.
  • You will have the opportunity to review the process of how to give a consultation.
  • You will receive descriptive handouts of the hydrolates, the new line of VedAroma oils including their benefits and effects on the doshas, as well as a.
  • Certificate of Completion of the course.
We will cover the whole range of Maharishi Aroma Therapy from the gross physical to the most subtle energetic and spiritual levels.
Dr Nadine Thomas, Director of the Department of Maharishi Aromatherapy, at Maharishi College for Perfect Health. World’s foremost authority on Maharishi Aroma Therapy.
Vaidya Prathmesh Vyas, who has a deep knowledge of the use of Essential Oils as part of Maharishi AyurVeda and gives clear, easy to understand and practical knowledge in this field. Vaidya Vyas studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the University of Nagpur and has a Diploma from the Ayurvedic University of Rajasthan in Jodhpur, India.
After 10 years of ayurveda-practice in India, Vaidya Vyas came to Europe in 2007 and began practicing Maharishi AyurVeda in Holland. He has given many lectures and lead Ayurveda courses both in Europe and India and is currently practicing at the very prestigious Maharishi AyurVeda clinic in Bad Ems, Germany.
Dr Gordana Marković, MD, PhD, Maharishi AyurVeda doctor & Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant, with emphasis in women’s and children’s health.
Dr Marković specialized in Mother and Baby program with Maharishi College for Perfect Health, and is one of our most active practitioners in the field. In addition, she is also a formally trained psychotherapist. Dr Marković applies on a daily basis, with immense success, her profound knowledge of Maharishi Aroma Therapy to a wide spectrum of medical and psychological conditions. She will share her great knowledge and experience with the course participants.
Dr Tatjana Marković, DSPU, M.Sci, PhD, Full Research Professor/Principal Research Fellow, a head of Dept. for R&D in the Institute for Medicinal Plants “Dr J. Pančić” in Belgrade, Serbia, and a Specialist in Natural Products, Aromatic and Medicinal plants & certified Maharishi Aromatherapy Consultant.
Dr T. Marković is an internationally acclaimed scientist with more than 20 years of experience in GC-FID and GC/MS chemical analysis and safe application of essential oils. Engaged as a researcher in many scientific projects,​ she is widely quoted in scientific journals, including the most authoritative novel book on aromatherapy, the Jane Buckle’s “Clinical Aromatherapy”.
Dr T. Marković is also an author of several book chapters and books on medicinal plants, including the encyclopedic scientific monograph entitled “Essential oils and their safe application” (2011).
This course is for:
Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultants who want to deepen and expand their knowledge of Maharishi Aromatherapy and become greater experts in helping their clients to live in better health and happiness.
Course Location
The course will be held in Maharishi Peace Palace at MERU Vlodrop (daytime) and at MERU Sint Odilienberg (evenings).
Course Schedule
Maharishi Aroma Therapy Advanced Course—25 August – 8 September 2017
• Begins 25 August with an evening meeting at 8:15.
• Ends 7 September after the evening meeting. Departure is on 8 September.

Course fee: 1080.- Euro including meals

If you require Housing, you will be lodged in MERU St. Odilienberg:
• 560 Euro for single room
• 350 Euro per person for double room
The housing fee includes transportation to and from MERU Vlodrop where the lectures will be held.
Due to limited housing availability at MERU St. Odilienberg, the final date for submitting applications is 21 August.
To make your reservation online follow the ‘APPLY HERE’ links at the following online pages:
• Maharishi Aroma Therapy Advanced Course
(25 August – 8 September 2017)
For application or housing questions, please emailcourses@maharishi.net
For course questions, please emailMAT@maharishi.net
Don’t miss this precious opportunity to deepen your knowledge about Maharishi Aroma Therapy to improve your own well-being and your ability to give consultations to family, friends and clients.
Jai Guru Dev
Jai Guru Dev
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