testimonial: uplifted during the whole day

 “I did abhyanga (ayurvedic massage) with Lavender fragrant massage oil”

“I felt in the beginning that I would fall asleep right there, during the abhyanga, the oil was saturated with VedAroma Lavender fragrant essential oil and the smell of lavender was strong, but then after 10 minutes, I started to feel the whole of my physiology filled up with energy and strength and I felt so good and energetic and ready for the day.

“I felt very uplifted during the whole day and the smell of lavender stayed with me all day. My skin smelled of lavender even after I took a shower.”

VedAroma is pleased to present the first of a new range of massage oils designed  by Dr Rosie Geelvink, based on the principles of Maharishi Aroma Therapy and Maharishi Ayur Veda.

Palmarosa (soothing for skin and  emotions), Cedar Atlas (relaxing and invigorating), Fennel (calming and detoxifying), Lavender fragrant (uplifting and restorative)…