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short rosemary video by vedaroma

“I really enjoyed hearing the short video sent out by VedAroma about Rosemary and noticed that many of the benefits would be good for me.

The next morning one of my hands suddenly went numb. I massaged it and that helped a little, but then it went numb again. I held it downward and still it kept getting more numb!

“At first I panicked, then I remembered the Vaidya had said that Rosemary was good for circulation so I grabbed my bottle of Rosemary Highland that was already mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed it well into my hand, arm and shoulder.

“The numbness went away immediately and for a while I continued to feel nice, warm sensations through that arm, as well as in my head. No problem since then. I was amazed at how the knowledge was there just when I needed it!

” Best wishes to all,”

 Colleen Rosania

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Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 4.42.18 PM