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tired of dry, stressed winter skin?

So am I, so I looked to VedAroma to see what oils could help me.

There are so many oils that are good for the complexion so it was a little hard to choose. I decided to settle on VedAroma Palmarosa, not only for its delightful, soft fragrance of rose but also for the great hydrating effects.

Palmarosa helps retain moisture in the skin, keeping it soft, moist and looking young. It’s also good for wounds.

How does that help my complexion? Any time our skin is damaged by cold winds, indoor heating and the like, you could say the skin has a wound. Palmarosa kills bacteria, re-hydrates the skin and repairs damage done to the skin by aging. Sound good? It is! And it works.

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After washing your face and neck (don’t forget the back of your hands, a quick sign of the ageing process unfortunately) either put some drops of organic jojoba oil or organic coconut oil in your hands and add one drop of Palmarosa. Rub your hands together and apply to your skin by pressing the oil in with your warmed hands, not rubbing or pulling the skin. Press the excess into the back of your hands. You’ll be very happy with the results and won’t mind waiting out the end of Winter until Spring arrives.

Sent in by a Maharishi Aroma Therapy consultant from Canada. Thank you!